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Day 1 - Then There Was One

This is day one of the blog!

What started out as an exercise to keep myself accountable for my game development progress via a simple blog, has very quickly turned into an application for a company trademark name, new website and new social media. Only time will tell if this was a good decision...or one of those games you buy hoping to get to it later only to discover you have not touched it in years. Let's also hope that all trademarks go through without a hitch which could apparently take up to a year and a half.

I also realize that this blog for the present moment might not be viewed by anyone else but myself and possibly (...more than likely) family, in which case let's hope future me keeps on track with this endeavour and publishes a title that I have started and stopped on many occasions over the years.

The purpose of this blog will be mainly to log progress and to be used as a reference at a later date for comparison.

Since I have already spent quite a lot of time developing the game, I will more than likely backtrack as much as possible and post sporadically to catch up to the current development.

Stay tuned for more updates

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1 Comment

Fantastic to see this get underway; you're living the dream man. Looking forward to following.

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