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Back To Prototyping...

So it has been a while thank to real life getting in the way. First world problems though...

Long story short, I have put the "horror" game on hold for now as the scope has ballooned to the point of not having enough time or people to be able to make the project come alive as envisioned. I do not want to compromise on a game or an idea for the sake of making something. So it is not gone forever, just going to take a bit of a nap.

In the meantime I have started on another game that should be which the scope ballooned to a point where releasing it in a timely manner would not be possible...alas that one is also going to take a nap. Since then, I prototyped a platformer which was the project I imagined I could complete within a reasonable time frame...only to have a breakthrough on another idea!

Ok, so long story short. I will be prototyping a sim city style / train / resource management type game, probably not what you are picturing in your head reading the description by itself. As usual I don't want to give away too much information but will share the ups and downs as I get going on this new project. For the time being, I intend on doing more technical studies to make sure I can accomplish what I envision for the project, then followed by the artwork. This will ensure I can overcome any technical limitations and have more certainty of the game functioning correctly.

Starting next week, I will start to go over some of the items I have been working on. Some posts might be shorter than others due to the amount of time it takes to achieve something as simple as tracking distance traveled, normally an easy task but just not the way I am trying to design the game.

Stay tuned!

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