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New Year New Update

Just a quick update to show some progress on the game. I know it has been a while but I wanted to focus on prototyping which takes time. Now with all of that aside, I have finally settled on a general direction. I also did some studying up on virtual texture which seems to be the way to go with a detailed landscape. I still need to do some more tests with foliage performance but my hope is I can achieve something similar to what WOW Shadowlands achieved for their bastion map.

Currently have the main character modeled up, basic attack animations, teleportation ability (in lieu of the standard dodge). The teleport uses a lot of gpu and cpu particles which add to a cool effect, spent a day and a bit working on it...probably a bit more than I needed to for this stage...The player materials also have a dynamic material implemented that can blend between "nice and clean" to "just got bloody up in here".

Today I just implemented the save and load functions.

Yesterday I completed some basic inverse kinematics to ensure somewhat proper foot placement when he is moving around on slopes. So essentially a bare bones game is complete.

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