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Material Cleanup and Some Cloth Sim

Not a whole lot to post this week. Spent quite a bit of time creating a master material for the bulk of materials. This will help give me controls that were not available with a straight substance painter import and allow some PBR material tweaks on the fly via material instances. Using material instances is extremely fast loading which allows for quick iterations on how the different meshes look inside the game. Setting up a master material also allows the ability to add or edit new functionality and apply it to all of the child materials, this saves a lot of time if something needs to be adjusted as all that is needed is to edit the master material.

Starting to do some UE4 cloth simulation. Using it on a NPC character so far is very challenging getting the weights just right so that when an animation is happening the cloth material does not clip through the mesh. For the sake of development this might be something that will be very limited as it is adding a lot of extra work for something relatively simple.

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"Not a whole lot to post this week". Any OG gamer is familiar with some games which have a stamina bar as a key player attribute. Sometimes we happily it burn down to attain a goal, other times recharging is King. Developing this game will require stamina management in real life; years of gaming have trained you for this.

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